How it works

Register and buy amazing beats in the world’s largest ghost production marketplace. Browse our large catalogue, follow your favorite producers, save your favorite beats and when you are ready… make them yours!

Why buy ghost produced tracks

Get total exclusivity, rights and royalties

Professional quality

Put your name, crew or label in all credits

+1000 producers from around the world

Get the Project file. See the icon below the beat and get your DAW

Can’t find the perfect beat? Order a custom beat!


What is MGM

MGM (My Ghost Market) is a music production marketplace that offers ghost production products and services. It is formed by three platforms: EDMWarriors, PirateBeats, and Ghostloops.

What do I get when I buy a beat

You acquire an exclusive, original and unique beat with all MGM quality standards, in wav and mp3 format (final master and mixdown version), its stems, and its project file (check the DAW available in the description of the beat, and add it to the cart). The cover artwork is not included.

Am I the exclusive owner of the beat

When you purchase for a beat, you receive the right of exploitation, distribution, reproduction, sharing and transformation of the product, under an unique and exclusive license, definitely, unlimited and irreversibly. In this way, only you as buyer of the product will have the right to:
  • - Publish your work under his own name, pseudonym, brand, sign, or anonymously.
  • - Exploit economically.
  • - Play it anywhere or in any media.
  • - Modify and alter your work.

What are our quality standards

As you will be able to ascertain listening to any of the beats in our platform, all of our beats follow the strict MGM quality standards. This means that we certify that each beat published is composed and produced professionally, and has undergone an optimal process of mix and mastering to be reproduced in any platform or media, with a high sound quality and a commercial volume level.

Can I return or exchange a beat

Unfortunately this is not possible. You can however listen to the beat before you buy it, so you can know exactly what you are buying.

How can I buy and pay for a beat

You can buy as many beats as you want, at any time. In a couple minutes you can add your favorite beats to the shopping cart and pay them comfortably through our different method payments: credit card, Paypal, My Ghost Market credits or bank transfer (through MGM credits).

What makes PirateBeats so good

PirateBeats and MGM marketplace is not only a music platform, it’s a whole experience. You will be able to browse through all the user profiles, save your favorite beats, follow your favorite producers and be on top of the latest news.

Can I get the project file

Yes, just check the icon bellow of your favorite beat to see the DAW available and add the project file in the cart through the payment process.

The project file may contain external plugins

Yes, you should know that the project file may contain external plugins.

Can I order a custom beat

Yes! just choose your favorite producer and order him a custom beat. You can communicate with the producer and listen to the demos of your beat, through our integrated chat, explaining your ideas and asking for changes in the composition, mix or master.

What if I don’t like the first demo

No problem, when you purchased for a custom beat, you can request the producer for a new demo.
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