LOVOLI beat ghost producer


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I was born as a singer.  Im starting create something in Ableton Live in 2014. That was more live performance in live mode. The way for music was some techno/house/ electro. Better name for it "underground dance music". 2015-2016 I was in China, especially Beijing/ Shanghai when I start produce some chill step/pop/house etc, that was more commercial music. In time of 2017-2019 in my life was more live funky music what played with a band here in Kyiv, but Ive been produce a lot of pop songs. 9th January of 2019 we do all account as a LOVOLIBEATS. That means that Ive start produce almost each day music. The way of 808 bass and more than more about that game. From that time was done above 200 different beats and sales. Ive become any idea with a BIG PASSION and always inspired made it better, interesting and unique.  I wish to find here great Artists and Friends. Get High with a LOVOLI.

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