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Complete-made beat
This is the standard that most of producers work on. In these type of projects the base is original from the producer — chords, melodies, leads, etc — but it contains additional melodic elements that complement the track and come from royalty-free sample packs. They are usually vocal chops, real instrument chords or textures, wobbles basses, glitch effects, etc. In a project file of this category you will find MIDI files created by the producer, but also melodic loops
Process note
A very original theme that makes you feel a lot of feeling in your soul something that hardly. found in today's beats has jazz, blue, Rnb and soul chords, a different rhythm for you, so that you stand out from the rest.
Melodic loops
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Instrument Plucks
Sample pack Oskar Flood Sample Pack - Splice Sounds
Loop name OSKAR_FLOOD_melody_big_sky_90_Gmaj


ID #1686
Name Veneno
Price 150€
DAW FL Studio
Project For sale for 60€
Genres Dancehall, Reggaeton, Pop
BPM 88
Info Reggaeton hits hard with unique sounds.


Mastered version
Unmastered version (mixdown)
All Stem files (.wav)
Project file of FL Studio (addon for sale)

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